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How Do We Investigate Big Truck Wrecks for Our Clients?

  1. How Do We Investigate Big Truck Wrecks for Our Clients?
  2. After a Truck Accident, Multiple Parties May Conduct Investigations
  3. Your Personal Injury Attorney Will Also Investigate
  4. How We Investigate Trucking Companies and Drivers
  5. Will Adams Law Firm: Katy Truck Accident Attorneys

How Do We Investigate Big Truck Wrecks for Our Clients?

Semi-truck crashes are different from accidents involving regular vehicles. Regardless of the specific circumstances of the crash, the investigation looks beyond the conduct of the truck drivers themselves, as truckers are also on the clock and representing their employers, who are themselves subject to strict state and federal regulations.

After a big truck crash, your primary job is to heal or be there for your injured loved one. However, we know you may be distracted by the details of the crash and impending case and feeling overwhelmed by what you don’t understand.

This article will fill in much of that information, and hopefully bring you peace of mind in the process. Read on to learn about semi-truck crash investigations, how they’re unique, and how an experienced truck wreck attorney can guide you through every step.

After a Truck Accident, Multiple Parties May Conduct Investigations

When you file a personal injury claim after being hit by a semi-truck, any entity being asked to pay for damages will investigate what happened, and how it happened. This is how they determine fault, who owes money, and how much those parties must pay. They then take that information into negotiations, trying to wrap the case up quickly and for as little money as possible.

After a crash with a commercial truck, you might make claims against the truck driver, their employer, or even another party involved with the cargo or the truck itself (such as a cargo loader, equipment manufacturer, or maintenance provider). You may seek financial compensation from multiple insurance companies, and they’ll each want to investigate.

Understand that large truck companies are prepared to conduct these investigations. They’re aware how much damage an 80,000-pound vehicle can cause, and work with insurance companies who have developed legal tactics to try to shift blame in your direction. We always tell clients to avoid speaking directly to the other party’s insurance company; they tend to try to get injured people to provide details on the accident and unintentionally accept at least some of the blame.

Your Personal Injury Attorney Will Also Investigate

We never let injured people go up against this sort of thing alone and unprepared. Although a claim hasn’t been filed against you, your personal injury attorney will conduct their own investigation into the crash.

How Much Is Your Case Worth?

First, this tells us how much money you should demand in the first place. As experienced big truck wreck attorneys, we look at several pieces to determine your losses:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Projections of future costs
  • When and if you can return to work
  • Impact to your household
  • Mental anguish

Many people injured in big rig crashes face costs beyond medical bills and missed work. The sheer size of a big commercial truck means these accidents often alter lives dramatically, perhaps even end lives. The financial compensation should be significant, to say the least.

It’s worth noting that the insurance company will almost certainly be hoping that you haven’t done the research and will attempt to get you to settle your case for a fraction of what it’s really worth. Don’t fall for their trap.

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Who Was Responsible for Your Truck Accident?

Next, we analyze the crash itself to understand who truly caused it and why. Common causes of crashes involving commercial trucks include but aren’t limited to:

  • Speeding
  • Unrealistic delivery expectations
  • Driver fatigue
  • Improperly loaded cargo
  • Neglected vehicle maintenance
  • Dangerous lane changes
  • Cell phone use
  • Subpar training
  • Not checking blind spots
  • Substance use

The trucking industry is subject to many strict regulations, including licensing requirements, rest break requirements, training and safety requirements, required maintenance, and more. However, in our experience trucking companies and truck drivers frequently bend and break these rules in order to make more deliveries and maximize profits.

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“Will treats his clients with great kindness and compassion. He fully understands the pain and injustice each victim is going through. This compassion and understanding allows Will to prosecute your case to the fullest. Will is tenacious in pursuing what he feels is the correct settlement for his clients.”

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“Will, Chris & Sarah. K and I just want to thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us and our family. Throughout this process you have kept us informed and been patient with us (especially me) as we navigated through unchartered territory. Putting things in your hands allowed Karl and I to focus on him getting better.”

- SC – Katy, TX

“Hi Will, I just wanted to take a minute and let you and your wonderful staff know just how much we appreciate each one of you! All of you have been so great to us. Y’all have always answered any and all questions immediately and never left us hanging or wondering about anything. All of you have made this.”

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"I wanted to thank you both for a job well done and for an outcome that far exceeded my expectations. I appreciated your expertise and your thoroughness of preparation, as well as keeping me informed of the possible outcomes at each major point.Will, I think that Chris did an excellent job and wanted to bring that to your attention."

- MJ – Katy, TX

How We Investigate Trucking Companies and Drivers

Many things about investigating truck accidents are the same as they are in regular car accidents. We get your account of what happened, eyewitness statements, the police report, any available video footage, and details about the road and weather conditions.

After that, things are a bit different. Unlike regular drivers, truck drivers are on the job and held to stricter driving standards because of the dangerous nature of their vehicle. Part of investigating a semi-truck crash is investigating an employee and the company they work for.

Not all of this documentation is easy to get, but included in what we’ll try to see are:

  • Driver activity and break logs
  • Dash cam footage
  • Employer records
  • Recording software in the truck itself
  • Cell phone records

Because some trucking companies—certainly not all, but many—try to hide evidence and past negligence, we come from various angles to ensure we have all we need to get the truth.

For example, a commercial trucking company might claim to provide top-notch training and hire only drivers with spotless driving records. However, upon further investigation, we may discover that the training programs are out of date and the driver in question has a history of speeding. To secure these details, a truck accident lawyer may need to dig deeply through interviews and research.

Trucking companies often maintain large insurance policies and work with robust legal teams to defend themselves. Personal injury lawyers counter that by working with medical experts, accident reconstructionists, and trucking experts to uncover the truth.

We Work Quickly to Protect Your Rights

Many of the critical records need to prove fault in commercial truck accidents, such as electronic logging devices, can be legally destroyed by trucking company after a set period of time. Far too often, we see companies attempt to hide and eliminate incriminating evidence at their earliest opportunity, rather than doing what’s right.

And that’s not the only evidence that can disappear with time. The longer you wait, it may become difficult or impossible to collect evidence at the scene, get third-party dashcam or security camera footage, or follow-up with eyewitnesses while their memories are fresh.

As soon as possible after your hire our firm, we’ll identify any potential sources of evidence and work quickly to protect and access them.

When Are Investigations Over?

Investigations continue until we have what we need to show you deserve full and fair financial compensation. While certain forms of evidence are time sensitive and won’t be accessible forever, our legal team will keep uncovering relevant information when we think there’s more to know.

Sometimes, investigations and negotiations aren’t enough. After difficulties with insurance companies and commercial truckers, we may be forced to file a lawsuit or even take the case to trial. We do all we can to settle before that point, but are always ready to represent you aggressively if need be.

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Will Adams Law Firm: Katy Truck Accident Attorneys

At Will Adams Law Firm, we’ve handled our fair share of big truck wrecks. We know what evidence we need, and we know where to look for it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of building a solid case, let us take some of that burden from your shoulders.

Our family has been in the Katy area for generations, and we care deeply about the people in our community. We are honored to guide you through the process of securing the compensation you deserve, whether it’s with efficient negotiations or a jury trial.

To schedule your free consultation today, call our office at (281) 371-6345, or use the simple contact form on our website. We look forward to working with you!

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