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We believe that our purpose – some would say calling – is to make our communities safer by helping those injured or killed by the negligence of others achieve full justice and full compensation. Because without full compensation, the system of checks and balances fails. Distracted drivers will continue to drive distracted. Arrogant companies will continue to put profit before the safety of our community and their own employees. Unqualified and overworked truck drivers will continue to imperil our families as they barrel through our streets daily to meet their unreasonable quotas. The callousness, indifference and selfish behavior will not stop until every driver, every company, every person, takes responsibility for their own actions and changes their behavior. As trial lawyers, we know that the best – if not only — way to achieve the goal of community safety is to get dangerous drivers and profit first companies to think about themselves and how their conduct is going to harm them if they don’t change their behavior before it’s too late. The civil justice system is the mechanism by which the goal of community safety can be accomplished. With full justice and full compensation.


We understand that it might be important to you to reach an amicable solution in a short amount of time. We value your time and will try to resolve your case as quickly as possible, often without the need for trial. We will not, however, treat your case like a hot potato by putting it into a huge pile with hundreds of other cases and settle it as quickly as we can for whatever the insurance company offers. That is why we say “no” to far more cases than we accept. When we accept your case, we have made the decision that we will take your case to trial as necessary. And we routinely do. Based in their hometown of Katy, Texas, Will and his brother and law partner Tad Adams have devoted their entire legal careers to personal injury, helping families whose lives have been forever changed by dangerous trucking companies, negligent and distracted or drunk drivers, and corporations that put profits before safety. Our team of dedicated and compassionate trial attorneys and support staff has more than 25 years of valuable experience providing favorable outcomes to our clients’ and their families to make our community a safer place.


We do not negotiate or settle clients’ cases without their active involvement and approval, ever. We will not negotiate or settle your case until you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement (unless you specifically tell us to). Why? Because we do not want you to realize three months after settling your claim that you actually need surgery and now have no funds to get the surgery. We want what’s best for you, not the quickest path to inadequate compensation. In fact, we will not negotiate or settle our clients’ cases until we have confirmed how much insurance is actually available to cover this claim from all possible sources and defendants. Sometimes there is more than one policy or more than one defendant; it takes time, creativity, a lot of work and digging to make sure you are fully protected. Not every firm wants to put in that time, work or investment. Our team also values your input, so we seek your thoughts on critical case issues, strategies and discussions regarding the resolution of your personal injury claim. Your attorney is working for you, and we value your satisfaction.


At At Will Adams Law Firm we are proud to have a Double Board Certified Trial Lawyer leading our team. Very few personal injury trial lawyers have been awarded a double board certification. Our team of dedicated lawyers are members of both the Million Dollar Advocates Forum® as well as the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, demonstrating our track record of success for our clients and their families. If you have questions or concerns regarding your particular situation and how working with an experienced and accomplished Katy personal injury lawyer from Will Adams Law Firm can benefit your case, contact us now for a free consultation and get started today.

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"I wanted to thank you both for a job well done and for an outcome that far exceeded my expectations. I appreciated your expertise and your thoroughness of preparation, as well as keeping me informed of the possible outcomes at each major point.Will, I think that Chris did an excellent job and wanted to bring that to your attention."

MJ - Katy, TX

"Dear Sarah, you are the best legal assistant in the history of such creatures of legend and lore. (And Brian is in the tribe too) Do take a copy of this email to your next annual performance review... you have raised the bar. Thank you for all your help!"

AM - Houston, TX

“Hi Will, I just wanted to take a minute and let you and your wonderful staff know just how much we appreciate each one of you! All of you have been so great to us. Y’all have always answered any and all questions immediately and never left us hanging or wondering about anything. All of you have made this.”

SB - Katy, TX

“Will, Chris & Sarah. K and I just want to thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us and our family. Throughout this process you have kept us informed and been patient with us (especially me) as we navigated through unchartered territory. Putting things in your hands allowed Karl and I to focus on him getting better.”

SC - Katy, TX

“Will treats his clients with great kindness and compassion. He fully understands the pain and injustice each victim is going through. This compassion and understanding allows Will to prosecute your case to the fullest. Will is tenacious in pursuing what he feels is the correct settlement for his clients.”

B & ES - Dallas, TX

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Attorney Will Adams has fulfilled and maintained the rigorous requirements to become a certified expert in both Personal Injury and Civil Trial Law.


Recognized as leaders in the field, we have been recognized as top lawyers in personal injury law for the Houston area and Texas Monthly Magazine.. We are known for skilled, dedicated advocacy.


Our firm has garnered this top peer rating from Martindale-Hubbell® due to a reputation for meeting the highest standards in ethics and legal excellence.


Our lead trial attorney has been recognized as one of the top litigators in all Texas, known in the legal community as a leader in the personal injury field.